Biotrue® ONEday Contact Lenses

Dr Arons brings Bausch & Lomb Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable contact lenses for patients with Presbyopia. Biotrue lenses offer all-day comfort, all-distance vision, all in one contact lens.

Is the fine print starting to get fuzzy? Are you holding your phone farther away in order to focus easily? It’s a normal process that happens to everyone called presbyopia. You may benefit from Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia daily disposable contact lenses. The construction is multifocal, meaning it helps you see more clearly across all distances. In addition, Biotrue users report reduced halos and glare even in low-light conditions.

The bio-inspired material works like your eyes by matching the moisture level of the natural eye and mimicking your eye’s own healthy tears for comfortable vision throughout the day. The next morning, start your day with a fresh pair.

Here’s a short video about Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable contact lenses:

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Biotrue and inspired by the biology of your eyes are trademarks of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. US/ZUS/14/0136

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